Collection: Defining Quality

Click each link to dive deeper into why this matters. (sami, include links to further blog posts explaining why).

Firstly, eliminate any brand that uses fluoride. 


Then, eliminate any fluoride free brand that doesn't replace it with a good remineralizer. Hydroxyapatite is the best choice for this.


Then, eliminate any brands that use nano-hydroxyapatite, the synthetic version of hydroxyapatite.


Then, eliminate any brands whose hydroxyapatite isn't grass fed/finished.


Then, eliminate anything that has ingredients that are harder than teeth , or that are too gritty and damaging for teeth and gums.


Then eliminate everything without quality essential oils that balance oral flora

Then eliminate anything with unnatural, weird foreign substances.


Any brand at this point is not bad at all. But we found that :

Grass fed/finished beef tallow and organic coconut oil,

Authentic pearl powder

Miswak powder

Icelandic sea salt

Sodium Bicarbonate

are necessary to deal with the  stress your mouth deals with in today's unoptimized modern climate and lifestyle. 




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