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Up until now, there has never been a perfect toothpaste. Just bad ones, "meh" ones, and some ok ones.

But you shouldn't have to settle for the best of the worst. If it's possible to make a perfect product, then a company not doing so is either lacking information, or blatantly chasing profits. And it's usually both.

These aren't just words. We make it as clear and straight forward as possible. 

Our criteria is simple.

If it has the neurotoxin known as fluoride, it is automatically out. Click "here" to find out why.

If it does not replace the remineralizing properties of flouride with the natural, real, grass fed version of Hydroxyapatite, it is out. 

If it uses potentially harmful and damaging ingredients, whether it be ones that are toxic, too hard, too gritty, artificial, gut irritating, damaging to the oral flora/microbiome, or others that don't belong in your mouth or on your skin. Out.

If it uses cheap and synthetic alternatives to real materials, it's out.

If it doesn't use healthy fats like grass fed beef tallow and and organic coconut oil that do wonders for oral health, it's out.

If it doesn't have the correct combination of well sourced essential oils to rebalance oral flora, you guessed it. it's out

At this point, we already beat out every product on the market. But we do not settle for being the best out there. We settle for the being best possible. So we make sure to utilize:

Icelandic Flake Salt, the most healthy and mineral rich salt out there.

Pearl Powder, to remineralize, for the signal proteins, and to stimulate bone stem cell (osteoblast) regeneration.

Miswak powder, a tree used for thousands of years to clean teeth, shown to be even more effective than regular brushing.

Naturally sourced Baking Soda, to gently polish stains, balance mouth pH, and reduce periodontal pathogens.

And White Kaolin Klay, the best material to gently and efficiently clean and polish teeth.

Every ingredient is the best at fulfilling it's purpose. Every possible purpose is fulfilled. Nothing is harmful. Nothing is artificial. Nothing is overlooked. Nothing is compromised. There is nothing more to want in a toothpaste.

Click each link to dive deeper into the science, logic, and nature behind it all.